Thursday, August 28, 2008

Graphical Calculator

You really like mathematics? This is good for you may be. Not many people like it. Mathematic always related to complicated, headache and trouble in calculation. If you have one or more homework in your math subject, you can use your mobile phone to solve it.

Yes, you can directly use your mobile phone to solve the equation problem. You can just type the equation, may be several equations and get the critical points, derivative and also solution for your equations. You can do all of mathematical function and calculation only with your mobile phone.

May be you still confuse how can your mobile phone help you? Well now you can use your mobile phone as your graphical calculator. You can install GraphViewer application in your mobile phone. This GraphViewer initially is a graphical calculator that suitable for your mobile phone.

What are the features? well actually this graphical calculator has lots of features. You can easily type the function that you want to plot and evaluate; you can see also the derivate of that function. You can also insert multiple functions and evaluate directly. This graphical calculator will show you the graph with different colors that represent each function. This calculator will calculate up to 15 decimals, it means you will get more accurate result. You can also save your result so you can use it another time. Now mathematic is easy for you.

File Name : GraphViewer_v1.0.5.jar
File Size : 115KB
Download link :

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

New S60 Email Client

First, acquiring Intellisync in 2005. Then, ended Blackberry collaborations for Nokia E series handset. And now, finally Nokia unleashed their prototype for Email client. The Nokia Email (beta) currently available for the latest S60 3rd edition. For now it is only can be setup for one account, yet probably in the future we can use it to login to multiple accounts.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nokia-Zune: a Rival for iPhone-iTunes?

Just like the Android project and Symbian Corporation, another rivalry has emerged. This time the competition is down to a different field: music. As we all know that iTunes is really getting its popularity these days and this reality makes people at Nokia and Zune can’t get rest easily. According reliable source, It is reported that Nokia–the largest mobile manufacturer–is working with Zune team on integration of Zune Marketplace contents.

iPhone and iTunes are their common enemies, thus Nokia thought that instead of creating their own from scratch, why don’t they collaborate with Microsoft’s Zune. It is easier and can save Zune (and its Marketplace) from more failure. Although Nokia already has Ovi, the content itself–especially in music area–seems has not meet Nokia’s requirement. Well, just like old saying: enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Via: 3gweek

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nokia E90 or Nokia E71??

We know that E71 has faster CPU clock than E90. Nokia E71 has CPU Clock Rate at 369 MHz, while Nokia E90 CPU Clock Rate at only 332 MHz. Does that mean E71 is going to be faster than E90?

Michal Jerz over my-symbian forum has great great answer for this question:

The Freescale processor in the E71 has different architecture than the OMAP2420 processor in the E90. It doesn't make much sense to compare just the clock speed of two different processors.

It's like with Intel and AMD processors. Even tough they're both based on the x86 technology and are compatible (just like the E71 CPU and the E90 CPU are both based on ARM11 technology and are compatible), differences in their internal architecture cause that e.g. some AMD processors are faster than their Intel equivalents at LOWER clock speeds.

There is also one important additional difference between these CPUs: the Freescale in the E71 is a single-core CPU whereas the OMAP in the E90 is a dual-core CPU. The E90 processor has separate core to handle the baseband (telephony and network related tasks) and separate core for applications. The E71 processor has only one core, dealing with both network and the OS. So while (thanks to its faster clock) it can sometimes be faster (e.g. when there is no network/telephony activity to handle), with such activity in the background it may actually turn out to be slower. And it's worth noting that some network/telephony activity happens almost all the time, even if you're not connected to the Internet or making a call at that moment. The phone constantly updates its location, switches between neighbouring base stations, monitors their signal quality, checks which services are available (GPRS, 3G, supported call encryption algorithms, etc). It only doesn't do any such operations in Offline mode.

Last but not least, the OMAP in the E90 has graphic and video hardware accelerator, missing from the Freescale. That's why you can e.g. run the full OpenGL ES version of Quake on the E90 but not on the E71. That's also probably why the E90 can record high quality VGA/30 fps video while the E71 only records QVGA clips at some poor 10-15 fps.

Long story short, the OMAP2420 is definitely more powerful than the Freescale in the E71, so don't worry, you didn't waste your money.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta Released

Opera Software released the first public version of Opera Mobile 9, 5 beta. With powerful foreshadowing brings the mobile browsing speed and features to a new level, with visual effects and new look. Download the new beta version from

The Opera Mobile 9.5 has panning and zooming options make the user easily focus and specific the page content and able to view the entire web page. Opera also introduces new user interface for easier navigation, includes several features on the mobile platform. Opera Dragonfly, opera’s developer tools allows developers to debug JavaScript inspect Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the Document Object Model (DOM), appears any errors, and making development for the mobile phone even easier.

Quick References to Opera Mobile 9,5

1. Faster – among the fastest browsers, improved performance over Opera Mobile 8,65
2. Pan and Zoom – full web page viewing, and allow the users to pan and zoom easily
3. Improved user interface – with mobile UI for quick and easy navigation.
4. Opera Dragonfly – Use Opera desktop browser to debug sites on your mobile phone.
5. Improved standards support – the most standards compliant browser.
6. Save pages and/or images – With a click, simply save pages to your phone.

Guide to Opera Mobile 9.5 please visit

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Patent from Nokia

Nokia has patented a very unique and multi-purpose device recently. Some even say that this might be the most ambitious patents from Nokia. A device called “a portable electronic device having a cable that functions as a carrying strap, a stylus, a data cable, and a power cable” has now listed in the long patent list of Nokia.

Cutting away the patent jargon, Nokia’s TOUCHSCREEN device has a USB cable tucked away neatly in a cavity below the touchscreen. The cable can act as a hand/neck strap, headsets and even a stylus. The device looks kinda cute in the patent and having the USB cord attached to the device ensures that you don’t leave/lose it. But the bigger question is whether this is going to be one of the phones in the touchscreen ‘portfolio’ that Nokia intends to launch later this year?

Via: Cellpassion

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nokia Now Owns Symbian

Nokia and Symbian have been working together for many years. Finally the cooperation has reached the end recently, since now Nokia owns the Symbian. In their announcement, they said that they took over the Symbian by buying the company’s

shares that doesn’t they own yet. Here's where it gets interesting, though: rather than taking Symbian's intellectual private for Nokia's own benefit, the goods will be turned over to the Symbian Foundation, a nonprofit whose sole goal will be the advancement of the Symbian platform in its many flavors. Motorola and Sony Ericsson have signed up to contribute UIQ assets, while NTT DoCoMo (which uses Symbian-based wares in a number of its phones) will be donating code as well.

Other Symbian Foundation members include Texas Instruments, Vodafone, Samsung, LG, and AT&T (yep, the same AT&T that currently sells precisely one Symbian-based phone), so things could get interesting. The move clearly seems to be a preemptive strike against Google's Open Handset Alliance, LiMo, and other collaborative efforts forming around the globe with the goal of standardizing smartphone operating systems; the writing was on the wall, and Symbian didn't want to miss the train. Total cash outlay for the move will run Nokia roughly €264 million -- about $410 million in yankee currency.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

‘Fix’ Flash Lite 3 on your Nokia E90

When the Nokia E90 Communicator recently received a major official firmware update, to v210.34.75, this brought the E90 into a pretty mature state apart from the fact that Web's Flash integration seemed horribly broken, but only for some people. The really bizarre thing is that for some people v210.34.75 worked properly, with Flash-enabled web sites rendering properly and YouTube (etc) videos playing, while others (including me) were left floundering with an almost useless browser that simply terminated itself whenever anything Flash-related was called upon. What was especially interesting was that the problem manifested itself on my newly updated E90 with no user data on, no previous backups restored and with no memory card inserted. In other words, we can't blame the usual culprits - third party software, microSD conflicts and so on. has done a factory reset using the usual *#7370# sequence and suggests that If Flash videos don't play in your E90's Web, then it's time to do your backups, hard reset it and try again! [footnote: the 'solution' has now been tested on several problem E90s and has worked each time]

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Effective Ads is now easy using Nokia’s MOSH.

Nokia has given a statement that its MOSH service is joining the Nokia Media Network. With the Nokia’s MOSH service an advertiser now can reach more than a million consumers all over the world, as the “spot-light” program enables him or her to do so. Placing the ads above all organic browse, search and contextual placements, the program makes it visibly eye-catching for Nokia consumers who are downloading original mobile content.

Instances of effectiveness are shown by The U.S. based video sharing community, Vringo, who has increased downloads by over 100% since early May. Germany-based BLUE LION mobile, which makes the Java-based multi-layered mobile social networking application "Qeep," also experienced an increase in downloads by over 95. Now Nokia turns to pitch other companies to advertise on MOSH (and other Nokia Media Network properties, for that matter).

More information about "Spotlight Content Opportunities" is available from here
Via: Intomobile

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Nokia E90 Firmware released!

The waiting is finally over. The new Nokia E90 firmware finally available for public. Nokia has just released an official firmware update for the E90 Communicator. Version 210.34.75 adds the following improvements:

* Flash Lite 3 and Flash video now works, YouTube plays almost perfectly
* Web runtime supported
* New QuickOffice version
* Faster operation and booting
* Some bug fixes, including the infamous Calendar bug.

Availability of the update may depend on your product code. Visit Nokia Software Update to update your E90.

Like reported by some forum member, The phone is now reacts blazing fast compared to the previous 07.40.xx firmware! The E90 up and running with the following applications installed (all latest versions):
- Handy Calendar
- Handy Clock
- Handy Converter
- Handy Profiles
- Handy Safe
- Handy Weather
- Profimail
- Google Maps
- Mobile Search

YouTube also works fine, even in full screen mode. The audio is a bit out of sync though.

Check this thread for detail

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