Friday, June 6, 2008

Effective Ads is now easy using Nokia’s MOSH.

Nokia has given a statement that its MOSH service is joining the Nokia Media Network. With the Nokia’s MOSH service an advertiser now can reach more than a million consumers all over the world, as the “spot-light” program enables him or her to do so. Placing the ads above all organic browse, search and contextual placements, the program makes it visibly eye-catching for Nokia consumers who are downloading original mobile content.

Instances of effectiveness are shown by The U.S. based video sharing community, Vringo, who has increased downloads by over 100% since early May. Germany-based BLUE LION mobile, which makes the Java-based multi-layered mobile social networking application "Qeep," also experienced an increase in downloads by over 95. Now Nokia turns to pitch other companies to advertise on MOSH (and other Nokia Media Network properties, for that matter).

More information about "Spotlight Content Opportunities" is available from here
Via: Intomobile