Monday, June 9, 2008

‘Fix’ Flash Lite 3 on your Nokia E90

When the Nokia E90 Communicator recently received a major official firmware update, to v210.34.75, this brought the E90 into a pretty mature state apart from the fact that Web's Flash integration seemed horribly broken, but only for some people. The really bizarre thing is that for some people v210.34.75 worked properly, with Flash-enabled web sites rendering properly and YouTube (etc) videos playing, while others (including me) were left floundering with an almost useless browser that simply terminated itself whenever anything Flash-related was called upon. What was especially interesting was that the problem manifested itself on my newly updated E90 with no user data on, no previous backups restored and with no memory card inserted. In other words, we can't blame the usual culprits - third party software, microSD conflicts and so on. has done a factory reset using the usual *#7370# sequence and suggests that If Flash videos don't play in your E90's Web, then it's time to do your backups, hard reset it and try again! [footnote: the 'solution' has now been tested on several problem E90s and has worked each time]