Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Nokia E90 Firmware released!

The waiting is finally over. The new Nokia E90 firmware finally available for public. Nokia has just released an official firmware update for the E90 Communicator. Version 210.34.75 adds the following improvements:

* Flash Lite 3 and Flash video now works, YouTube plays almost perfectly
* Web runtime supported
* New QuickOffice version
* Faster operation and booting
* Some bug fixes, including the infamous Calendar bug.

Availability of the update may depend on your product code. Visit Nokia Software Update to update your E90.

Like reported by some forum member, The phone is now reacts blazing fast compared to the previous 07.40.xx firmware! The E90 up and running with the following applications installed (all latest versions):
- Handy Calendar
- Handy Clock
- Handy Converter
- Handy Profiles
- Handy Safe
- Handy Weather
- Profimail
- Google Maps
- Mobile Search

YouTube also works fine, even in full screen mode. The audio is a bit out of sync though.

Check this thread for detail