Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Patent from Nokia

Nokia has patented a very unique and multi-purpose device recently. Some even say that this might be the most ambitious patents from Nokia. A device called “a portable electronic device having a cable that functions as a carrying strap, a stylus, a data cable, and a power cable” has now listed in the long patent list of Nokia.

Cutting away the patent jargon, Nokia’s TOUCHSCREEN device has a USB cable tucked away neatly in a cavity below the touchscreen. The cable can act as a hand/neck strap, headsets and even a stylus. The device looks kinda cute in the patent and having the USB cord attached to the device ensures that you don’t leave/lose it. But the bigger question is whether this is going to be one of the phones in the touchscreen ‘portfolio’ that Nokia intends to launch later this year?

Via: Cellpassion