Thursday, August 28, 2008

Graphical Calculator

You really like mathematics? This is good for you may be. Not many people like it. Mathematic always related to complicated, headache and trouble in calculation. If you have one or more homework in your math subject, you can use your mobile phone to solve it.

Yes, you can directly use your mobile phone to solve the equation problem. You can just type the equation, may be several equations and get the critical points, derivative and also solution for your equations. You can do all of mathematical function and calculation only with your mobile phone.

May be you still confuse how can your mobile phone help you? Well now you can use your mobile phone as your graphical calculator. You can install GraphViewer application in your mobile phone. This GraphViewer initially is a graphical calculator that suitable for your mobile phone.

What are the features? well actually this graphical calculator has lots of features. You can easily type the function that you want to plot and evaluate; you can see also the derivate of that function. You can also insert multiple functions and evaluate directly. This graphical calculator will show you the graph with different colors that represent each function. This calculator will calculate up to 15 decimals, it means you will get more accurate result. You can also save your result so you can use it another time. Now mathematic is easy for you.

File Name : GraphViewer_v1.0.5.jar
File Size : 115KB
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