Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nokia-Zune: a Rival for iPhone-iTunes?

Just like the Android project and Symbian Corporation, another rivalry has emerged. This time the competition is down to a different field: music. As we all know that iTunes is really getting its popularity these days and this reality makes people at Nokia and Zune can’t get rest easily. According reliable source, It is reported that Nokia–the largest mobile manufacturer–is working with Zune team on integration of Zune Marketplace contents.

iPhone and iTunes are their common enemies, thus Nokia thought that instead of creating their own from scratch, why don’t they collaborate with Microsoft’s Zune. It is easier and can save Zune (and its Marketplace) from more failure. Although Nokia already has Ovi, the content itself–especially in music area–seems has not meet Nokia’s requirement. Well, just like old saying: enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Via: 3gweek