Thursday, July 19, 2007

Warning! Dust Under Front Display!

After keyboard mark on the internal screen, some E90 user now complaining about dust under front display. My friend complained his E90 got dust quickly after he bought it. Some user even got it since they unboxed it from the store! And other user found some little small hair under their external screen! What happened Nokia?

All of this shouldn't happened unless the gasket around the LCD has been breached, or the cover isnt fitting to the LCD gasket properly. The dust may come from power button and speaker upside the display. Here some interesting post from Eric, user who got problem with the E90 external screen:

Post 1:
I got my Nokia E90 one week ago here in Germany and I´m impressed, really. But there´s one bad thing: When I unboxed it I saw that there´s lots of dust under the front display !! at a new device !!
I tried to change it but my provider said that they don´t have any devices left for changing when I now come to Nokia Service Centers. Ok there are lots of them but they don´t have a description on how to handle this device, I called 10 of them and they said unless they don´t have own devices and descriptions they can´t do anything !
Anybody knows how to open that brick ?!
Guarantee is not a theme so I´m glad for any ideas or descriptions how to open it.

Post 2:
I have a funny update concerning dust under the front display of Nokia E90 !
After several calls to "so called Nokia service centers" I found the site where I got a support telephone number from Nokia in Germany. This is interesting for you all because the site is called but you find information for the whole globe !!
Ok, they gave me the adress of a support center in my city. So far so good, when I went there I only saw an old E-Plus store, no Nokia sign at all but when I entered the store I saw a big screen inside "Club Nokia Service Center". They told me to wait maximum 45 minutes but after 10 minutes the guy came back to me with my Nokia E90 that looked like just being born out of an egg, perfect job for free. With this story I want you all to inform that you can´t rely on the service centers given on the "country" Nokia sites. I before called 10 of them and no one could help me but the site has the best global support, see for yourself and undeline my story.

Post 3:
2 weeks ago I posted that I got my new E90 with a dusty front dsiplay. I got it cleaned free (guarantee issue) and I was made happy agai. Now since a few days, dust again, same area. I went back to that guy and let him clean it again and then he showed me the inside of that little baby and a new front face plate. You know what: The normal way Nokia saves their screens is by placing a filthy cover round each display which the is pressed on this filthy cover so that no dust gets in. (Like the big screen inside the E90 or Nokia N95) Here at the outside, the filthy protection is not available, only a plastic one that is very gently pressed on the glas screen which means a little dust prtection only. So that there´s the "On" button on the top right outside corner, this is where the cover is pressed "downwards" inside the shell (by turning on and off device or when its in your pocket), so dust will always get into the device after a while. I experienced the same problem with the front display of the Nokia N93 outside display which at least has NO dust cover.
kind regards,

Well, any idea how to solve this problem??