Thursday, July 19, 2007

Solution to E90 and Skype

For those worried about no Skype support on the E90, fear not anymore. Silicon Valley based SoonR has created an AJAX application that enables Skype usage on mobile devices. If your cell phone is web enabled, you can use SoonR to access Outlook, pictures and other files and applications on your PC.

By installing their application on your computer and logging into the SoonR site with thier E90, users have a VoIP-capable device that helps cut down on monthly minutes. While not the most convenient way to make VoIP calls (it also uses SkypeOut credits).

How Does It Work?
Your mobile phone acts as a remote control for your computer. There is nothing to install on your phone because SoonR uses the features that are already built into your phone. You simply login into the SoonR website at SoonR can send you an SMS with the link to make it even easier.

In order to access your computer from your phone, you need to download a program (SoonR Desktop Agent) that runs on your computer, and define which folders you want to access from your phone. This program allows you to leverage applications installed on your computer such as Outlook, Skype, or Desktop search. That’s not all it does! It will optimize all the data that is sent to your phone, leveraging the superior power of your computer’s CPU.

The SoonR service is there to connect your computer to your phone and provide optimized versions of information stored on remote computers. When you make changes on your remote computer, the SoonR Desktop Agent program will update the information on the SoonR service so that it will immediately available on your mobile phone the next time you ask for it. The service also provides a place for information to be shared that works even when remote computers are turned off.

Key Parts :

Your Phone
Using your normal wireless service, access is made possible with no software installed on your phone.

SoonR Service
The service authenticates and stores meta-data about all shared resources. It also tracks your groups and renders views based on your phone characteristics.

SoonR Desktop Agent
A small client securely links your PC applications and data to the SoonR service and reports changes to the computers' status.

Go to SoonR Website