Friday, July 20, 2007

Print Directly From Your Nokia E90

Lets create a portable office with your Nokia E90. We all know that every S60.v3 phone have wireless print capability. Too bad not many people use or even know this feature!. Ok, Your Nokia E90 Communicator includes drivers for certain Hewlett-Packard printers, allowing you to print to compatible Hewlett-Packard printers. Printing to other Hewlett-Packard printer models, and printers of other manufacturers may not be possible (dont worry, using Nokia Xprint Solution, you can print directly to various brand printer via bluetooth or infra-red).

You can use your Nokia E90 Communicator to print different kinds of items, such as documents, messages, images, and Web pages. This document shows how to print files through Bluetooth, infrared, and wireless LAN (WLAN) connections. Some files cannot be printed.

You also can change the printer settings of your Nokia E90 Communicator. For example, if you want to print high quality photographs, you must set the quality mode and media type accordingly, and make sure that you use high quality paper in your printer.

You can print using different methods:
• Your Nokia E90 Communicator comes with a built-in Bluetooth adapter. If your printer includes a compatible Bluetooth adapter, you can use a Bluetooth connection to print items from your Nokia E90 Communicator.
• If your printer includes an infrared port, you can print items from your Nokia E90 Communicator by using an infrared connection.
• If you have access to a wireless LAN (WLAN) with a print server or a network printer that is accessible through your wireless connection, you can print items through a wireless connection. Your Nokia E90 Communicator supports the LPR print protocol. For details on the protocols, refer to your printer documentation. To use the LPR protocol, you need to know the following before printing:
• The IP address or DNS name of the printer.
• The user name. This is only needed if the printer requires it.
• The queue name.
Refer to your printer documentation or contact your IT
support for the necessary information. You can also
print a configuration page from your printer, if your
printer supports that option.

To download complete manual, click here (pdf)