Saturday, July 21, 2007

Migrate to Nokia E90 Communicator in Minutes

Just like other Communicator fanboys, I,m sure you want to open the box and show off the phone soon after you buy the E90. But what about tons of data in your old communicator? How to transfer it to the new phone? Nokia have the answer : Data Mover!

Data Mover may be found in the Installations folder of your Nokia E90 Communicator, or you can download a free version of it using the Download! application. You also can download it HERE

Data Mover enables you to transfer contacts, calendar entries, text messages, notes, bookmarks, recent calls, and Gallery content (images, sound and video clips) from a Nokia 9300/9300i or Nokia 9500 Communicator to your Nokia E90 Communicator using Bluetooth technology. Note that Data Mover will not transfer calendar and contacts from a memory card.

Ready to migrate? Here some simple steps to do:
1 Activate Bluetooth on both communicators.
2 Start Data Mover on your Nokia E90 Communicator, and follow the instructions on the display.
3 Select your previous communicator from the list of found Bluetooth devices, and select to send DataMover to the previous communicator.
4 On your previous communicator, open the Bluetooth message containing Data Mover from Inbox, and install Data Mover.
5 Start the Data Mover application on the previous communicator. Note that you may already have an older version of Data Mover on your communicator. Make sure that you use the new version.
6 From your Nokia E90 Communicator, select the data to be transferred. If you need to pair the devices, create a passcode (1–16 digits), and enter the passcode on both devices.
7 Accept the connection request in your previous communicator, and the data transfer starts. If you only want to transfer contacts and/or calendar data from a previous communicator to a Nokia E90 Communicator, you may also use the Transfer application.