Monday, July 16, 2007

New Case Design for E90

Some of E90 user noticed that they got keyboard mark on their E90 internal screen. I'm afraid in long term it will scratch the screen. It seem Nokia respond this issue fery vast by releasing new case design for E90. Only minor change though. The baseline is a little bit higher between those camera and PT buttons. This (hopefully) eliminates the keyboard to touch the inner screen. Perfect Solution?

Unfortunatelly, No!

I can confirm that it didn't make a difference. The keyboard still tocuhes the screen. You can see this from some marks that left behind on right center area. It's about 5 keys horizontal and 3 rows, maybe from H-;. The marks can be easily wiped off, and usually result from oil that accumulated from our fingers.

Yeah, it will help against flex around the edge of the phone but seriously, it probably won't really protect the screen from the keyboard. Like many user said, a screen protector is the best bet. As for the oily smudges, a wipe every couple of days is probably the only way.

Some user also having an issue with the direction pad. The down has much less feedback when pushed then up left or right. Should be a simple fix. That and it is missing one of the rubber feet. Good thing it rests on the back hinges when open so it is not uneven.

So, if you have the older model...Don’t be jelaous. Keep your E90 as it will be a rare item in a year!. But if you want to change to the new case, Nokia care center Singapore say it is possible to order the new case. Of course, warranty will not cover this exchange.