Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SMS Forwarder for Nokia E90

There is one feature that we missed from S80 - SMSassist, a freeware that allows you to:
1) auto reply incoming calls with pre-defined SMS
2) forward received SMS to another number.

While there are plenty of software that can do the first one .e.g. Phone pilot, Webgate ACM, etc, but none can do 2)

There is such software for E90? This is handy when you don't want to bring your personal phone along business one. Well, the answer is SMS Forwarder v2.20 from wireless-labs.com. SMS Forwarder can forward incoming short messages to another cellular number automatically. Once there is new short message coming, the software will read its content and then send a new message with the content to another cellular number.

Here what SMS Forwarder v2.20 can do for you :
• Forward incoming short messages to another cellular number automatically.
• Only SMS is forwarded. MMS or EMS is not forwarded.
• The cellular number which forward to is configurable at any time.
• User can select to forward all messages or forward messages from a specific number only.
• Support to start automatically upon phone boot.(*)
• The message forwarding service can be open/close manually at any time.
• Encoding of SMS (GSM 7bit/8bit/UCS2) is configurable to match your operator.
• Message sent by the software is configurable to keep in Sentbox or not.
• Information about the original sender is added to the forwarded message content.
• Support to remove delivery report of forwarded messages.
• Record of forwarded message can be removed from call log.
• Prevent forwarding message which is from/to configured number.

You can try SMS Forwarder Lite for free, or get more advanced one for USD 14.50.
Read more information and download the application here: