Friday, July 13, 2007

Super Video Quality on Nokia E90

Thanks again to Gsibble, he just found all the good settings to take an HD video and turn it into something fantastic on the E90! He’s using freeware named Super from Erightsoft.

Here's the video sample he made (right click and save as)

Download the settings profile from Super :

MP4 / MPEG - 4 / AAC
DirectShow Decode Enabled

800x352 @ 30 FPS
1920 kbps
Cropped by 80 pixels on top and bottom (explanation below)

48k Sampling - 2 Channels
192 kbps sound

Gsibble note:
The original video was 1280x720 but there were black bars on the top and bottom so I could crop these out and get the full halo video to fill the screen without losing any of the actual content. If you download any HD movies that are actually anamorphic (2.35 ratio), I believe cropping by 80 pixels top and bottom will make it almost fill the entire E90 screen.

Also, my guess is that I could up the video bitrate some considering that the E90 reports the bitrate at 1293 whereas the austin powers video is 1833! I might experiment some and see what I can come up with. I have now updated the file and settings above to reach the bitrate of the Austin Powers trailer. The result is astounding to say the least. My latest edit was to increase the framerate all the way up to 30 FPS which makes quite a difference in the smoothness of the video.

I believe these settings are at or close to the upper limit of what the E90 can handle. It slowed down once during 3 tests of the video probably due to roadsync syncing. So, if you want to make sure you have absolutely no skips under any circumstances, I would slightly decrease the bitrate or framerate.

So, there you go! Happy movie making!

The file sizes are pretty darn big. The 2:25 Halo video is around 33MB. That means almost a gig per hour. The goal in this case was for high quality, not high compression.

The video was CG and the original framerate was 30FPS. Naturally, for videos with different framerates, you should change it to match.