Friday, July 13, 2007

Perfect Resolution for E90 Wallpaper

Boring with your standard theme or wallpaper? Let’s change with your own-made wallpaper!. Oh, wait! Many of E90 owner don’t know the optimal resolution to make wallpaper. But don’t worry, Gsibble has done litle research to find the perfect resolution to fill both the internal and external screen, and he found it at 800 x 615 pixels.

If you too lazy to make your own wallpaper, Gsibble also give you tons of wonderful sample for you! Thanks alot Gsibble! The resolution these are set to makes them fit the entire internal and external screens. They are cropped some top and bottom on the internal screen and some left and right on the external. Overall though, they all look fantastic.

Download all of E90 Wallpaper

Here some samples: