Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Firmware v. Now Available !

I think this new firmware not available world wide yet. But at least it now available at my city, Jakarta, Indonesia. The largest E90 costumer in the world :)

If you live in Jakarta, just go to your nearest NPC, and ask this firmware for free.

update: here more coverage from my-symbian.com :
Nokia has just released an updated firmware for the Nokia E90 Communicator. At the moment, the update is only available for selected product codes (markets/languages) and unfortunately I am still waiting for my E90 version to be supported :( To get the update, download the latest version of Nokia Software Update program. Users who already updated their E90s report on our E90 Discussion Forum that AGPS is now supported (obtaining satellite fix is extremely quick now and the GPS receiver works great even indoors; make sure that positioning server in your settings is now supl.nokia.com as this can be changed to the old address if you restore a backup), Floating Point Unit (FPU) has been enabled (FPU version of Quake I works now smoothly even on the large internal screen) and the device feels considerably faster.