Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nokia E90 Trailer: The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is a forthcoming fantasy film based upon Northern Lights (titled The Golden Compass in the US), the first novel in Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials, slated for release on December 7, 2007 by New Line Cinema. The story tells of Lyra's adventure to the far north in search of her friend. The project was announced in February 2002, following the success of other recent adaptations of fantasy epics, and at $205 million is expected to be New Line's biggest budget project ever after a series of box office disappointments in the past year. In October 2007, the Catholic League called for a boycott of the film.

Starring: Nicole Kidman (Marisa Coulter), Daniel Craig (Lord Asriel), Dakota Blue Richards (Lyra Belacqua), Eva Green (Serafina Pekkala), Adam Godley (voice of Pantalaimon), Nonso Anozie (voice of Iorek Byrnison), Iofur Raknison (Ian McShane), Clare Higgins (Ma Costa)

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