Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wikipedia for Nokia E90 and Other S60 Phones

Most of us are familiar with Wikipedia -- it's one of the best free resources available online. There's already a Plucker version available but that's only meant for Palm devices and has a small selection of encyclopedia articles, so Series 60 users are out of luck there. There's also a Tome Raider version but the usual incompatibility woes persist and it isn't exactly small-sized.

Sadly, there hasn't been anything worthwhile in this regard for S60 users. However, all that will soon change. Series-sixty owner decided to do something about this problem, and starting from today, you can find Wikipedia for your S60 phone! :)

Thanks to series-sixty for great job! Wikipedia the biggest encyclopedia can be downloaded on any symbian S60 series devices.

Following are some of the features available:

  • Approximately 2050 full-length articles, and over 3.5 million words (equivalent to a 4,000+ page book in text alone)
  • Storage Card & Phone Memory Compatibility
  • Keyword Search
  • Adjustable font sizes and styles
  • Cross Reference Links - tap on a link to easily go to the related article
  • An easy-to-use alphabetical index for all articles
  • Compatibility with ALL S60 devicesFurther details can be found over at series-sixty . Yes! The best part is that it's compatible with ALL S60 phones! And there's Search and an alphabetical index too!!

Well, the online version is more preferable and current. But you must also acknowledge the fact that if you can't get online due to some reason (e.g no reception while travelling or have no cellphone internet connection at all) and need to read up something or research, an offline encyclopedia is very convenient!

Although there are many capable ebook readers around, series-sixty choose iSilo over any other reader just because of its versatility and ease of use. Mobipocket, although very versatile, does not handle pdb files unfortunately.

Download Wikipedia for Nokia E90 HERE

Note: you also can try wap version of Wikipedia at http://en.wap.wikipedia.org