Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Skype and Free International Call with Mobivox

I know many people still searching Skype solution for their Nokia E90. Since E90 have WiFi and HSDPA capabilities, it’s very good news if you can use famous VOIP service like Skype. Fear not anymore. With Mobivox, you can get Skype and even international Call for free. Mobivox doesn't require you to download any softphone or even tiny application to use their services. This frees you from the compatibility issues, perhaps the greatest advantage over other voip providers.

Here's where the free MOBIVOX service comes in handy. During the short registration process, users are asked to provide their Skype login info so the service can automatically import your Skype address book information into your profile. Then all you need to do is select a local access phone number from an impressive list that serves 23 countries. There are over 80 US and more than 20 UK numbers already available, with more on the way for all countries, according to the website. Clearer access number information on specific US cities and towns would have been welcome, however. It took some extra time and some searching to determine whether Aurora was an access number for Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Oregon, or Missouri (it's for CO). Complete the registration by providing your mobile number so MOBIVOX can ID you when you call and you're all set.

MOBIVOX free features are accessible immediately upon registration. Simply dial the local access number you've selected and "VoxGirl" will talk you through the voice-activated dialing process. At VoxGirl's prompt, say the name of the contact you wish to speak with, followed by which number you'd like MOBIVOX to dial (Skype, cell, home, etc). When you said, "Joe, Skype," the system confirmed your choice, gave you the option of canceling, then connected me immediately.
Mobivox also lets you conference call Skype buddies and manage your contacts through the Web-based login. MOBIVOX brings mobile consumers a unique and powerful suite of communications services, allowing users to do much more with their existing mobile phone and enjoy:

* Free global mobile calls between MOBIVOX users
* Unlimited and FREE Skype calls
* Cheap international calls to anyone, anywhere on any mobile or fixed phone
* Cool and free mobile services including:
o Dynamic and instant conferencing
o Mobile-to-home seamless call transfer
o Personal voice-enabled assistant
o Unified hosted contact book
o Group calling
o Web calling

Best of all, MOBIVOX works for everyone and does not require any mobile download or cause installation headaches. It also completely bypasses the need for a PC. It simply works with any phone in usage today regardless of handset model, mobile carrier or whether users have a mobile data plan or not. The basic service is entirely free and international calling rates outside of the MOBIVOX user community are highly competitive. With rates bearing no hidden charges, MOBIVOX eliminates connection fees, confusing contracts and conditions.

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