Monday, August 27, 2007

JabpLite: Free Personal Finance Software

Freepoc just released JabpLite version 1.30, which contains a number of improvements specifically for E90 users. The program now makes better use of the E90's wide screen and resizes correctly between the internal and external screens.

For those who haven't tried the program, here are a few details. JabpLite is FreEPOC's freeware personal finance program, written in Java. It runs on a wide range of phones and has a wide range of functions including:

* Multiple accounts: Bank, Cash, Credit Card, Asset, Liabilities
* Income/expense categories
* Investments
* Standing orders (aka scheduled transactions)
* Multiple currencies

The program includes includes Net Worth calculations, Future Balance predictions and much more. Importing from & exporting to standard QIF/CSV files is possible through JabpLite's sister program JabpFile. It is also easy to import data into Jabp (also freeware) which runs on a range of devices including Windows and Mac.

update: Freepoc have been doing further work to increase the speed of JabpLite on the E90 - particularly when scrolling in the Transaction View and Standing Order View. I don't think it will be super-quick, but hopefully it will be good enough.

Download the attached file and rename to JabpLite.jar before copying to your E90 and installing.

Download JabpLite HERE

Via: My-Symbian