Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Papyrus 1.3 Released, Nokia E90 Support!

Roy of has just released version 1.3 of Papyrus, the first PIM to start using the E90 screen to its full advantage. There is plenty that could be done to further make use of the screen, but this app looks very promising.

BSH Papyrus 1.3 brings lots of new exciting features and improvements, including: new optimization for Nokia E90 devices, completely re-designed and empowered Tasks view, new "Reminder" item for every-purpose reminders, new Daily view Single-line display mode and much more!

SBSH Papyrus 1.3 Highlights
Papyrus Nokia E90 ready - The new SBSH Papyrus 1.3 is now Nokia E90 optimized! Optimized especially for use with both internal and external screens offered by the Nokia E90 that will guarantee the best productivity solution for your device!

Empowered Tasks view - Enjoy new powerful sorting and grouping options using Papyrus Tasks view. Group your tasks by: category, priority, completion and more! Introducing a set of powerful tools required for professional task-management to suite your busy life style!

New Features and Code optimization - Lots of new features and improvements were implemented with the all new Papyrus 1.3! Among them: new Single-line Daily view display, new "Reminder" item for every-purpose reminders, new Birthdays Import tool allowing to import your contact birthdays to your Calendar and much more!

Upgrade Details
All Papyrus 1.X registered users are entitled to receive this upgrade for free. You can find more information how to update to the latest version at the following URL:

What's new in Papyrus for S60 1.3 (by Roy, SBSH Developer) :

New and improved Tasks view
The biggest update in this release is the new and improved Tasks view which can now sort in various ways and up to 2 additional sub-sorts.
In addition, I worked on various selection issues and crashses on the List view and Tasks view regarding deleting Tasks and completing/activating them, which would cause crashes for some users. This should now work properly.

New item - "Reminder"
This is something that I wanted personally for a long time.
You know how when you cook something, for instance hard boiled eggs - and you need a timer for that?

Well now you can set a timer VERY easily from within Papyrus.
You don't need to know what time it currently is and start calculating when to remove the eggs off of the flame.

Simply enter the amount of minutes you want the phone to remind you in - and voilla.

You can use this of course for anything you'd like - not just cooking. So I hope you will enjoy this new addition.

New single line Daily view
Another feature that a lot of users asked for was the ability to make more space on the Daily view. I've done that by adding an option under "Daily Settings-->Multiline" to set the view to a single-lined mode as shown in the screenshot:
Ability to create birthdays from within Papyrus
Not only can you now import birthdays from your Nokia contacts into the calendar as *special* anniversaries. But you can also create birthdays from within Papyrus. Just create a new Anniversary and set the line "Is Birthday?" to "Yes". Birthdays in Papyrus show the age of the person on all views and are another nice addition over the default Nokia calendar.

Fullscreen support for individual views
Many users who have phones with a screen resolution of 176x208 (like the N70) and 352x416 (like the N80) complained that the new Symbian-native top/bottom menu bars take up too much space. So to handle that, you can now choose which views you want to show up as fullscreen. This option can be found under "Settings->General->Fullscreen on". Here is a before and after shot:

New Settings and About dialogs
Papyrus finally received a face lift to its' Settings and About dialogs. You can now also register directly from the About dialog which can be found under "Settings->Options->About"

E90 Support
This is something that I'm very proud of. Everyone loves Nokia's new E90 which I think is just great! But they now can even enjoy it more with support from Papyrus. I must add that this is just an initial support to put E90 users on par with the rest of the S60 Papyrus userbase. We will focus on implementing cool new E90-specific features in the upcoming releases so keep your eye out for that.

Via: Darlamack