Thursday, August 16, 2007

Themes Optimized for Nokia E90

Boring with your old-standard theme? When you buy E90, Nokia only give 2 themes by default. May be we like to change the E90 display with other theme, which can create with the software Carbide.ui. Some people don’t have time to do that, especially the Nokia E Series users. E Series provided for business people, who are too busy, but not to download and tranfer to the handset by bluetooth then install it. It’s only take 2 minutes maximum. Change your theme with the fresh one! have same nice themes collection optimized for Nokia E90.

Note: If you got “certificate error”, you should try this before install: Open “app.mgr.” from tools menu and select option. On “Software Installation”, you must select all and on “Online sertif.check” select off.

Download Clown Fish theme

Download Classic Aqua theme

Download Flowing Rock theme

Download Abstract One

Download Abstract Two

Download Abstract Four

Download Abstract Five

Download Abstract Six

Download Gentle Rapids theme