Monday, August 13, 2007

Best Taskman vs Handy Taskman

"im92109210", my-symbian forum member, have a very nacie review about Best Taskman and Handy Taskman. Both application have the same price tag of 9.95$ and they both provide the basic function of dealing with open applications very similarly and professional.

Both application, as the name suggests is a task manager. It allows the user to handle open applications and allows them to switch to another application, get their information, close them, etc acting as a (Ctrl+Alt+Del combination) option for Series 60 3rd Edition. It does have a few rivals, but being the latest version released it was worth testing out.

For a complete review you can read here:
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Comparison notes with Best Taskman
Since these two applications are competitors and do the same function it is fair to have a comparison:

1) Function-wise, Best Taskman has more features such as:
Quickstart (Handy has Recent applications)
Alt+Tab type of application switching
Autostart (Handy is actually opened when ever Menu is pressed and held)
Ability to see hidden Processes
Ability to see Installed Applications.

2) When selecting “Close all exceptions” on Best Taskman allows more than one application to be selected at a time.

3) Once Best Taskman was opened, pressing Menu would NOT open the menu unless the application was closed or hidden, which rendered the Menu button useless. Handy allows the button to open the menu whether the application was open or not.

4) Best Taskman uses more icons than Handy Taskman, and has bigger font and icons for better usage and visibility.

5) Handy Taskman has lesser features but seems more built together, Best Taskman has a lot of features but is not very nicely organized and setting it up and using it could be a bit harder than Handy Taskman for some people.

I was expecting towards the end I could say that one is better than the other. Unfortunately, although both applications do a similar job, they seem different. Handy Taskman is a very basic task manager and does JUST that. That makes it less complicated, and has less key presses and shortcuts. Best Taskman has more features but lacks the “Recent” list of applications, but compensates with “Quickstart”. It seems that they fit for two different kinds of users; one that wants a full task manager with extended functions such as “Quickstart”, quick switching, processes, etc. and the other is for the user that wants a very simple, basic task manager. Both are very good programs for the same price, but if I had to choose one of the two, I would personally use Handy Taskman.

Even though I rated Best Taskman a high 9/10, I would rate Handy Taskman a 9/10 also. It has a little less functions but does the rest very simple and very well.

The program tested was a trial and not a full version although it was fully functional.
The trial and full version can be found at the Online Shop