Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Costumize E90 Desktop with Tracker

This is one of a “must have” application for E90 owner. Smartphoneware has just released a port of the famous Tracker application to the S60 3rd Edition platform (including the E90 Communicator). Tracker is a real and fully customizable desktop application designed to help a user to optimize, simplify and organize most common everyday actions. Hundreds of unique functions and possibilities transforming your device from a simple organizer to a powerful and great looking handheld computer.

It can be integrated into system and fully substitute the built-in "Menu" application and built-in Task manager highly improving their functionality. Tracker consists of 3 main views: Desktop, TaskMan and Recent.

You can place any number of sticky notes, shortcuts to applications, contacts, documents, speed dials, speed SMS, webpages, and even different actions on your desktop. You can organise all these items to any number of folders, subfolders and put them on different pages.

By using a unique intuitive navigation and "Pages pane" built into desktop you can switch between pages and folders very fast and access any item by some key presses. If it's not enough you can assign to any item, folder or even page a hotkey to access it with one key press only even if Tracker is in background.

Such approach will allow you organize your work with the device in the best way. For example you can create Business and Personal pages then place on Business page some speed dials to the most used work contacts, shortcuts to recently used documents or webpages and so on. If there are too many items you can organise them between folders and subfolders.

Tracker highlights

* Fully customizable look;
* Unique and intuitive navigation;
* Real desktop;
* Ability to put on desktop: notes, applications, contacts, speed dials, sms/mms, emails, documents, links to webpages, different actions, etc;
* Ability to assign hotkeys for everything;
* Built-in extended task manager and task switcher;
* Unique "Recent" view that tracks all imprortant events and shows them in one view. Last used applications, recent calls and messages, calendar and todo events - all on one screen;
* Fast separate application launcher and "Communicator" style "New call" function;
* Autostart function;
* And a lot more unique and powerful functions to explore!

A very interesting application!. It seems to be the perfect GUI enhance tool for the E90. I think every E90 owner must try this one. It seems this app gives the UI more of the S80 style with or without PowerDesk/Pro.

Full Tracker's documentation:
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