Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Change E90 Fonts Size with Psiloc Font Magnifier


Since Nokia change Communicator user interface to S60 3rd edition, the only font size setting is in Tools / Settings, and it’s only offer 3 fonts size setting. Yeah, another step back from Series 80... No surprise when many people complain about difficulties seeing the small fonts on Nokia E90 communicator. Not everyone have very good eyesight for objects close to them Nokia...Different people's eyes are different. Available lighting may vary, and the motion of the communicator itself, perhaps on a bus, train or a car, will warrant different display characteristics as optimal. Even for a given individual, eyesight can change over time, making it somewhat harder to read small text.

This is where Psiloc Font Magnifier can be a great help. The application can magnify any font on your S60 3rd Edition device to any size you choose, and do so selectively on a font-by-font basis. It implements the font changes on all applications in the device, so its effect will be apparent automatically and immediately. Besides enlarging selected fonts, the application can also shrink selected ones. This font shrinkage has the net effect of making it possible to put slightly more text on a given screen. This can be especially helpful on a device with a larger display window, such as the Nokia E90 Communicator. Psiloc Font Magnifier is compatible with all S60 3rd Edition devices, and is available in both English, Arabic and Chinese versions.

Simply put, this app could not be easier to use. Font Magnifier gives you the ability to fine tune the size of your font with individual sliders for each of the three font categories. The sliders increase/decrease in value in very small increments so you can really fine-tune your font size to your exact preference.

Once you have changed your font sizes, no need to worry if they’re not exactly the size you want them to be. You can easily go back into the app and make further adjustments or simply select Restore Default to start over with the original font sizes.

This app does exactly what it needs to do and it does it quite well, giving the user complete control over font sizes and the ability to make even the slightest adjustments for fine tuning. Really the only thing I can say about this app that isn’t purely positive is that I would like to see a future version include an automatic restart function by way of a confirmation screen once your adjustments are applied. This is by no means a show stopper though - I mean how hard is it to hold down a button?! Check out the free demo for yourself but all in all, this app is going to make a lot of S60 3rd users happy and we can finally stop squinting while using our devices!

For more information, a free trial, or to purchase the application, visit shop.psiloc.com