Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nokia Multimedia Transfer: E90 and Mac Support

Hello Mac users! Nokia finally released “Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.1 Beta” (Nokia Media Transfer) for Mac yesterday. Good news for Mac and Nokia E Series users, this app now support all Nokia E Series including Nokia E90. Many Mac users complaining about syncronizing problem beteween Mac and E90. With Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.1 Beta, it’s not a problem anymore.

Nokia change the name from “Nokia Media Transfer” to “Nokia Multimedia Transfer”. You can transfer photo, video from/to iPhoto. Install game and application. Transfer music from iTunes and more features improved.

* Name changed from “Nokia Media Transfer” to “Nokia Multimedia Transfer"
* Added support for Nokia Eseries devices
* Features related to camera disabled if device has no camera
* Improved support for iTunes Plus
* Metadata preserved in mp4 transcode
* Plus various bug fixes

Transfer from iTunes
Rip your favorite CDs with iTunes and take your music with you anywhere. Use Nokia Multimedia Transfer to load music, videos, and podcasts – even playlists – from iTunes to your Nokia device. Nokia Multimedia Transfer can also fill up your Nokia device’s memory with a random selection of tracks.* Check out how.

Transfer from iPhoto
Keep your treasured memories close to you – transfer photos and videos from iPhoto to your Nokia device using Nokia Multimedia Transfer. When you transfer photos to your Nokia device with Nokia Multimedia Transfer, they will be resized into smaller files, saving space in your Nokia device’s memory for other files, such as new photos captured by your Nokia device. Learn how.

Photo import
Record videos or take pictures with your Nokia device, then import them into iPhoto with Nokia Multimedia Transfer. Once transferred to your Mac, you can see your pictures and video on the big screen with iPhoto. Learn how.

Add games and applications
Add fresh looks, new features, and fun games to your Nokia device by uploading S60 games and applications with the Nokia Multimedia Transfer device browser. Or keep your important documents close at hand. Nokia Multimedia Transfer has a device browser that allows you to transfer files between your connected device and Mac. Read more.

Connecting your Nokia device to your Mac
You can transfer files between your Nokia device and Mac via USB cable or Bluetooth wireless technology. Not sure how to connect to your Nokia device to your Mac? Get step-by-step instructions.

Download Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.1 Beta HERE

* Note: Protected content cannot be transferred from iTunes to your Nokia device. Protected content is typically music purchased through iTunes or audiobooks from®, but may also be certain podcasts or video files. However, you may transfer iTunes Plus songs and other music without digital rights management (DRM) encryption.