Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Free Push Mail Solution for E90

Push mail has become very popular now. I’m sure many of E90 owner love this service. Unfortunatelly, Blackberry as the most popular push mail service is not free. Blackberry service is not available on every operator in the world. Some operator also limited the service for corporate user only, so it’s not easy for personal user to get the service even if he has money to pay.

But dont’t worry anymore, Emoze has a better push mail solution. It has better security, support wider platform, and the most important it’s FREE! Emoze is the realization of the mobile office vision, Free and accessible for all mobile users around the world.

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Solid alternative to RIM’s Blackberry Security Problems
Since French government ban on the RIM BlackBerry on 20 June 2007, citing a security risk, has created a wave of concern around the world. Some governments allow the device to be used for declassified data and low levels of confidential information, but for classified information, the system is not authorized for use by many governments and agencies. The main security concern is that Blackberry subscribers’ emails, attachments, contact lists and diaries are not only transmitted to the mobile devices, but are also stored on third party servers along the way.

Unlike Blackberry, emoze provides push email service to all mobile devices with a very high level of security without storing the data on its servers. According to Benny Ballin, CEO of emoze, “Having a false sense of security is far worse than having no security at all. Our system deliberately only routes traffic and does NOT duplicate or store any data en route. With emoze, data is pushed from your exchange (or any other emailing program) to your mobile device, maximizing security and privacy levels for the individual and organization. Personal and corporate information remains only on your own secure server and the individual mobile device.”

Individuals and companies alike, are rightly concerned about the security of information – whether emails, contact lists, calendars or documents – especially these days as, increasingly, our data follows us around with our mobile phones and PDAs. “With mobile communications sometimes unreliable, with frequent line drops, emoze enables real-time push messaging and synchronization without compromising security through a “push only when available” approach to the push and sync protocol," adds Ballin. "This means that messages will be transferred to or from the mobile device only when the mobile device is connected to the network. In the case where the mobile device is disconnected or unavailable, the user’s private data remains safely in the user’s private messaging server without being duplicated to an intermediate storage."

Avoiding data duplication reduces the chances of data loss to a minimum and eliminates the risk of ‘data sniffing’ by a third party. Highest level of security is a major issue in emoze's design consideration. The emoze solution implements an encryption mechanism in addition to its proprietary synchronization that not only increases levels of security and privacy but adds speed and efficiency and dramatically reduces the costs of unnecessary hardware.

As a default, emoze implements end-to-end security and maximum data and mobile networks protection. emoze's Military Grade security standard includes protection of the internal network and of the mobile device. All messages are encrypted behind one's firewall (either home or corporate network), and can be decrypted ONLY by the user itself once they reach the right mobile device or PC. All encryption keys are unique and can be used by a specific user only. Encryption keys are stored in the user's mobile device and PC. No data decryption or access to any encryption key, at any point, is possible anywhere on the data network or over any wireless network.
For corporate users and SOHO customers, the solution can be further customized to use any preferred security mechanism or protocol required by the customer (as a plug-in) to fulfill any specific need.

Better Than Blackberry, And it’s Free!
In a repeat of its win February 2007 at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, emoze again bested BlackBerry(TM) in a mobile push email showdown held here at the CTIA Wireless 2007.

The duel, pitted two duelers - one equipped with a standard mobile phone, and another with his BlackBerry device, to determine which could send emails quickest and most securely. In front of a crowd of more than 100 convention goers, both "email gunslingers" stood back to back, walked three paces and fired a blank email to a Gmail account that was opened for the live demonstration. A large screen depicting the Gmail in-box revealed emoze as the clear winner.

"This demonstration served as a very public launch for our latest global email breakthrough, a new free mobile push email service that doesn't require users to leave their PCs or MACs on," said Benny Ballin, emoze chief executive officer. "Now, virtually any mobile user with a data-enabled phone and a data plan from their carrier, can use our web-access central server to enjoy the benefits of free push email, calendar and contacts.

Symbian Signed certification
Emoze also has earned the prestigious Symbian Signed certification, an industry adopted testing program to certify that Symbian OS™ third party mobile phone applications meet industry standards. Symbian Signed builds user trust in mobile applications and assists the mobile industry in delivering high quality applications. emoze provides a simple free download that enables consumer and enterprise mobile users to securely send and receive push emails and other data in real time – anytime, anywhere.

What can we do with emoze
* Receive your emails and Outlook data anywhere, anytime
* Handle your schedule and meetings via your mobile device
* Enjoy synchronized Personal Information Management (PIM)
* Access information about your Contacts, anywhere, anytime

Emoze benefit:
* Data is pushed automatically to your mobile handset or PDA with no need to connect to a service or click send\receive
* Military-grade secure, encrypted transmissions behind your firewall
* Totally free accessibility with no costly packages, specific hardware or software platforms

Emoze security
* Maintains privacy superior security solutions
* No cookies, no spyware, no duplication of user data on emoze servers
* All transmissions are encrypted using the highest possible industry standards
* For Corporate users, new ports are not needed preventing hacking vulnerability

Technical Specifications
Emoze compatible with Microsoft Mobile or Symbian devices that have a GPRS or other data connection with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes Domino servers and POP3 online email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail. It supports all major brands of mobile handsets including Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola. And service is independent of network technology and works on any wireless GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi network including 2.5G and 3G such as WCDMA/UMTS, CDMA2000, 802.xx, Wi-Max, GPRS (2.5G), EDGE, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO, etc.

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