Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Movie Clips Collection Optimized for Nokia E90

Your Nokia E90 Communicator is not just a mobile office, but also a super portable multimedia player. It has big and wide screen with high resolution, a powerful hardware accelerator, and a fast 330MHz processor. With this configuration, you can playback high quality movie in high frame rates and resolution.

The E90 plays video perfectly at 800x352. And playing 800x352 full screen video with such a smoothness and crispness is quite an achievement. I’m sure once you see the movie playback on the E90, you’ll blown away. It just like a dedicated DVD player!

If you have no time to convert your own DVD or Bluray collection to E90, some my-symbian forum member has converted some great movie clips and trailer for you. Just download and play it! But beware of big files! Prepare for 4Gb microSD, or Samsung 8GB microSD once this product arrive.

Here Movie clips collection optimized for Nokia E90:
- Austin Power–Goldmember Trailer
- Be Cool Trailer
- Halo3 Trailer 1
- Halo3 Trailer 2
- Star Wars 3 Trailer
- Transformers Trailer
- Bourne Identity
- The Golden Compass
- Ratatouille
- 10 To Yuma
- Rush Hour 3
- Sunshine
- The Game Plan
- Underdog
- War
- Matrix
- The Fast and the Furious - Trailer