Friday, July 27, 2007

Impress Your Client with Psiloc Wireless Presenter for E90

You need to perform a presentation for an important client or, what is more horrifying, for your boss? With the new Psiloc Wireless Presenter you can make it really impressive and professional.

The Wireless Presenter extends the possibilities of Psiloc Mobile Mouse application, which transforms a smartphone into Bluetooth computer mouse.

Wireless Presenter enables the user to manage a Power Point slide show using phone navigation keys at a distance of Bluetooth beam. At the same time you can see the presentation notes displayed on the smartphone screen.

Everybody knows that the presentation should be brief and concise, otherwise all attendees will fall asleep. The Wireless Presenter counts the time from the start to control the total duration of the speech. It even shows the time of viewing current slide.

More fastidious users can adjust application settings like color depth and mouse speed. To find out more please look at the user guide.

Another interesting function enables the user to see on the PC computer what is happening on the phone's screen. It is useful if someone would like to show the smartphone features, some interesting content or possibilities of any application to wider audience. With The Wireless Presenter all presentations will leave the audience very impressed.

Download the application HERE
Read complete manual HERE