Monday, June 11, 2007

Nokia E90 Keyboard Too Small?

The main assets of the Communicators is the ability to be write in a comfortable way on a qwerty keyboard. But if you look at below picture, yaou can see the keys of the E90 are smaller than those of the 9500. Nokia decided to miniaturize its new Communicator, so it affect to the keyboard layout too. It’s not good for fast and long typing with several fingers.

Fortunatelly, most review i read n several feedback from early user said that the keyboard is still comfort to use. Some people even said its better than 9500. Of course the size of your hands and fingers also play a part. If you have hands the size of a boxing glove, sure you are going to have a problem. Have the fingers of a pianist and you probably won't.

Guse from forum said, “I wasn´t satisified with the E90 keyboard and the logic of the keyboard in the beginning. But now after some months use I have to admit thet the keyboard is exellent. I have heard that the last minute changes in the hardware have been made in UI. They have for example changed the function keys beside the sccreen. The keys have been separated from each other and they are a little bit higher to make the use in twilight easier.”