Monday, June 11, 2007

Memory Support for Nokia E90: Could E90 go beyond the 2 GBytes?

On the official spec, Nokia say that N90 will support Transflash / MicrSD up to 2 GBytes. With GPS capability, music player, 3.2MP camera, and tons of application, the 2GB capacity is just not enough. The question is, can E90 go beyond the 2 GB limitation?

As far as I remember, support for FAT32 was introduced in Symbian OS v8.0. So all S60 3rd Edition phones, which use Symbian OS v9.x, support this file system. Theoritically FAT32 file system can support up to 32GB (cmiiw). So it should by definition support cards of >2GB. 4GByte Micro SD cards should be fine with E90.

Other good news about E90, this communicator will suport microSDHC! That means you can get bigger and faster memory card for your phnoe. You can get just annaunced 8GB MicroSD from Samsung.

No point in having N91 8GB then, is it ! I bet this is ruining nokia's plans right now! If N91 8GB had the memory advantange, now it has no adavantage at all! Why buy a phone with a silly screen resolution, just because it has 8GB, when u can buy the "oh so much more complex E90", and simply wait for the 8GB card to show up, not to mention the fact that 16GB and 32GB version will also work! Note that flash based memory is much more reliable than hard-drive based memory on N91.

8GB storage means 40 Gb worth of mp3-music in eAAC+ format. This 8GB card would be killer combination with E90, considering stereo music capability, camera for stills and VGA video (eats lots of memmory), and that wide internal optimized for movie watching !