Monday, June 11, 2007

Futuremark Debuts SPMark for Symbian OS v9.x : How much E90 Scores?

E90 Communicator will use the same processor as the N93 and N95 then the performance improvement will be similar to what the N93 offers. And the N93 compared to 9500 is like a rocket and a snail. (N93=9633; N95=6903; E61=1009)

E90 Communicator will use the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, it will undoubtedly share most of main components with the N95 and N93, including the processor and RF part. Yes, both Flash memory cards and DRAM chips are considerably faster than 3 years ago when 9500 was launched so the future Communicator will definitely benefit from the increased memory speed.

The E90 uses the Texas Instruments OMAP2420 running at 330 MHz. The OMAP2xxx line is ARM 11 based, the OMAP17xx is ARM 9 based. ARM 11 is more efficient. If you took an ARM 9 processor and an ARM 11, both running the same clock speed, there are many tasks that the ARM11 will be faster than the ARM 9. So what does clock speed have to do with anything? Clock speed is not the measure of performance. Intel proved this with their net burst architecture; which was clock speed at all costs. Other processors running at a slower clock speed, sometime half could outperform it.

Based on Spmark from Futuremark, here the E90 scores :

E90 large screen:
SPMark 3D Score: 3136
3D game: 19.91 fps
3D fillrate: 21.78 Mtexels/s
3D PolyCount: 157.36 Ktriangles/s

E90 small screen:
SPMark 3D Score: 4852
3D game: 52.72 fps
3D fillrate: 19 Mtexels/s
3D PolyCount: 383.97 Ktriangles/s

For comparison, results from the N93i (the same OMAP2420 330 MHz CPU):

SPMark 3D Score: 6853
3D game: 72.32 fps
3D fillrate: 27 Mtexels/s
3D PolyCount: 550.13 Ktriangles/s

Please, remember that the E90 I have is still a proto so the results may be better with final firmware. The N93i used for test was a final, commercial HW and SW.

So it does have 2 different result for the 2 different screens. Looks like the score is related to the amount of pixels rendered:
Here are some comparison, VGA resolution beeing 100%

176x208 = 36.608 px = 11.91%
208x208 = 43.264 px = 14.08%
320x240 = 76.800 px = 25.00%
352x416 =146.432 px = 47.66%
800x352 =281.600 px = 91.66%
640x480 =307.200 px =100.00%

I took VGA rez for 100% because this is the maximum amount of pixels OMAP CPU from N93(i)/N95/E90 supports.