Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The First Nokia E90 Communicator Sold in The World (Officially)

Hartono Gunawan, a businessman from Jakarta, is the first person in the world to get Communicator E90 officially. This first unit of Nokia E90 Communicator sold in an auction at "Sneak Preview Nokia E90 Communicator" performed by Nokia Indonesia.

It’s not easy to to win the auction, because he have to compete with 1000 Communicator Community member which attend in this event. Auction opened at the price of Rp.9,9 million, by Trisnawan Tjipto, Product Marketing Manager Enterprise Solution Nokia Indonesia. And finally Hartono expressed as winner auction with highest price, at Rp. 45 million (about $5000). "My motivation win this auction is for the purpose of charity. If you simply wish to buy, just wait for 2-3 month and you got it much cheaper" say Hartono which also have Communicator of first generation up to now. The proceeds from the auction will be donated as charity to UNICEF.

According to Nokia Indonesia general manager, Hasan Aula, the money got from the auction will donate as charity to UNICEF. Hasan said, in the recent decade, Nokia has always chosen Jakarta as the first city to launch each Communicator series globally. "E90 Communicator will also launch here next month for the first time"

The historical journey of the Nokia Communicator began in September 1996 with the launch of the first Nokia Communicator --the Nokia Communicator 9000-- which had also resulted in the conception of a community of loyal Nokia Communicator users that are known today as the Communicator Community.

Today, the Communicator Community boasts a membership of more than 30,000 and still continues to grow.

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