Monday, June 4, 2007

Nokia E90 Review

Nokia E90 is the successor of previuos Communicator series like N9500 and N9300. As the highest level of Nokia portofolio, this series gaining a very good brand image in Indonesia. Most Indonesian people are crazy about this series. every product launch in Jakarta is always sold out! just in hours! That why communiactor series always launch 1st in Indonesia.

Ok, this superior phone will be launch this month. The core idea of Nokia E90 lies in compatibility, both in terms of hardware and software, with current S60-based smartphones. After all, it is an S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 1 solution. The concept of Nokia E90 is unique in a way – the developers have adopted the best from both words and crossed in one devices standard S60 smartphones and the communicator range. All previous communicators with the clam closed had interface of platform 40 or ordinary phone counterparts – integration of the interface with the communicator mode, when the device was open, didn’t run deep (phonebook, organizer – that was about it). Nokia E90 brings about some fundamental improvements – both standard and third-party applications work in closed (phone mode, or better to say, smartphone), and flipped open modes.

Before you buy this "pricey" gadget, Mobile-review has a very good review about E90. You better check this out.

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