Saturday, May 10, 2008

Skype for Your Mobile (beta)

Skype has released a Java client for mobile phones, compatible with S60 and UIQ devices. While the application looks like a "normal" Skype client known from PC or Windows Mobile, it is not a true VoIP solution as it uses the mobile network (rather than the Internet) to make and receive calls. This means that in addition to your Skype credit, you will also be charged by your network operator for a local call. Call quality is not that great, either, but it's just a beta version so things may get better. To try it yourself, visit

* Works on almost 50 handsets, with a data plan.
* Costs just a little to make and receive calls.
* See when your contacts are online.
* Instant message or call them using Skype.
* Save on mobile calls to friends and family overseas.

Skype for your mobile is a mini, beta version of Skype that you can download on to your mobile. You don’t need to switch operators or get a specialised phone. The software is free – although there might be a small data charge from your operator if you download it straight to your mobile.
Contacts in your pocket

With your Skype contacts on your mobile, you’ll always know when your friends are online. Call them from the bus, check their presence from the park, or send an instant message while you’re sipping a latte in your favourite coffee shop – wherever they are in the world.
Talk or instant message

You can call or instant message any of your contacts who are using Skype on their computer or mobile device, including the 3 Skypephone. You can even start a group chat just like you would on your computer, so you can organise party plans from the comfort of your couch or co-ordinate fancy dress direct from the costume shop.
Will it work in my country?

In this beta version, anyone can receive calls, instant message and see who’s online. If you want to call phones, mobiles, or any of your Skype contacts, this is limited to people in Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Sweden and UK.

Via: Nokiafanboy