Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Papyrus Update for E90

It's been since August 07 that the last version of Papyrus was released. Peter2 form my-symbian forum informed us that new Papyrus version update, Papyrus version 1.4.01 is now available.

This update is a free upgrade (as always) for registered Papyrus users. The program should not ask you for your registration upon starting the new version, but if it does - you can enter your regular license key and it should work just fine.

What's new in Papyrus for S60 1.4.01

New tabbed New/Edit Item Form
* The "New/Edit Item" form is now tabbed.
* Removed "Non-compact" option for the "New/Edit Item" form from the "General Settings".
* Allday event creation moved into "New->Meeting".
* Removed "Monthly (by Day)" repeat option from the New/Edit Item form.
* Removed icons from the "New/Edit Item" form. Creating a new meeting/task will now load much faster.
* Added "Insert" menu into the "New/Edit Item" form options menu.
* Added ability to insert a note from the phone's "Notes" to Subject/Location/Note fields on the "New/Edit Item" form.

Improved Notes editing
* For OS 8.x, 9.x: Updated the "Note" field in the "New/Edit Item" form to support better text editing for longer notes.

Updated Grid View
* Updated "Grid" view to show more information, better:
Added timeline to each day's title.
Added "arrow" on the Grid view, indicating if there are more items than can be viewed on the tab.

Improved settings and file handling
* Papyrus' Settings, Color settings and Category Color settings are now saved in the Papyrus INI file and so can be backed-up.
* Papyrus now registers itself upon installation to be backed-up so it is possible to backup/restore Papyrus settings through Nokia PC Suite Backup.
* Papyrus backs-up the INI file and the "Papyrus" folder (which holds the MyText definitions and Category icons assignments).
* Papyrus now installs all application files relative to the instalalation card (Phone or Memory).
* Category icons are now installed to the phones' "\\resource\apps\" directory.
* Updated settings loading/saving code to be dynamic as opposed to static (no more "lost" settings).
* Updated DesignedByBert icon set installation files to support the new relative-path support.
* Fixed 30 characters limit on username for Papyrus.

Updated Shortcuts
* Updated shortcuts to be consistent across all views:
(1) - Go 1 month backward.
(3) - Go 1 month forward.
(2) - Go to today.
(4), (5), (6) - On the Daily/List view - Copy, Cut, Paste respectively.
(7) - Set a category for an item on the Daily/List views.
(8) - Go to previously used view (like "Back" button on Smart phones).
(9), (#) - Scroll up/ Scroll down on the Monthly view quick list.
(0) - Toggle Monthly view quick list on/off.
(*) - Creates a new meeting in all views except for the Tasks view. On the tasks view it creates a new task.

* Added shortcuts for phones with a QWERTY keyboard:
(CNTRL+N) - Creates a new meeting.
(CNTRL+T) - Creates a new task.
(CNTRL+A) - Creates a new anniversary.
(CNTRL+R) - Creates a new reminder.

(CNTRL+C) - Copies an item.
(CNTRL+X) - Cuts an item.
(CNTRL+V) - Pastes an item.

Google Calendar categories Sync support
* Added new "GooSync" sub-menu in the Category Settings.
* Added option to "Set GooSync" for a category in the Category Settings.
When syncing items from GCalendar, Categories set to "GooSync" would be added to the corresponding items and the "[ ]" removed
(when viewing them in Papyrus).
When creating items in Papyrus with a category that has GooSync set, "[ ]" will be added to the subject line when viewing them in the Nokia calendar.
* Added option to "Rename GooSync" to rename the GooSync category.
* Added option to "Remove GooSync" to remove a set GooSync category.

Improved E90 support (a bit for now)
* Added additional font settings to accommodate the external screen.
Fonts' size saved on the external screen vary from the ones saved in the internal screen.
* Fixed "E90 Foreground" issue, where Papyrus would pop to the front when opening/closing the E90 flip-screen.
* Updated Monthly view to support the E90's wide screen.

Development log for Papyrus for S60 1.4.01
* MyText now saves when changed (regardless of saving the meeting or canceling the New/Edit Item Form).
* Fixed crash when changing the time of a meeting and saving.
* Fixed bug that would not update the "End Date" of an appointment, when selecting a Start date with the Date selector and then pressing
the left soft-key twice on the New/Edit Item form.
* Fixed setting End date farther than the Start date for Allday events.
* it's now possible to create a reminder with zero minutes and x hours.
* Creating reminders for more than a hour would show up correctly in the New/Edit Item form.
* Fixed bug where the key "8" for switching between the last views doesn't work in the Tasks view.
* Removed ability to add attendees to a meeting. It is now only possible to view attendees in a meeting's details (synced with Nokia's Blackberry Connect).
* For OS 9.x: Fixed phone number searching on the Item's details view.
* Fixed "carriage return" showing up as "blocks" on the Item's details view.
* For OS 8.x and lower: Fixed crash when updating a reccuring appointment.
* Fixed landscape/portrait orientation change across all views (except for the New/Edit Item form).
* Fixed memory leak when changing between landscape and portrait orientation.
* Fixed "carriage return" showing up as "blocks" on the Item's details view.
* Fixed crash when setting an existing meeting's Repeat's Until date using the Date selector.
* Fixed crash when changing a due date of a task with the date selector and pressing "Save".
* Fixed "Item's Details" memory leaks - should load much faster now.
* On the "New/Edit Item" form, selecting a start date for a meeting with the date selector and then pressing "Save" would
not give a "End time before Start time" error.
* Fixed bug that would not load tasks when choosing the "Tasks View" as default view.
* Fixed Tasks view memory leaks.
* Fixed crash deleting an item on the Tasks view.
* For OS 8/9.x: Fixed text wrapping across all views (now using native Symbian text wrapping).
* Tasks view now loads all relevant tasks according to the "Show" option (sub-menu on the Tasks view).
* Removed "Time Frame" (past and future) from the Tasks View settings.
* Selecting a contact name when inserting a contact would allow to call that contact directly from the item's details view.
* Fixed bug that would set the wrong date, when pasting an item that spans midnight (23h -> 1h).
* Fixed bug with "Custom Alarm" not being able to be set.
* Fixed "9" scrolling for the E61.
* Fixed "Tasks View" showing the title of the current "Show Tasks" option with the number of tasks shown.
* Fixed a bug on the "Tasks View" that would not update correctly when choosing different "Show" options.
* Updated the "New/Edit Item" form to "wrap" around when scrolling in all relevant tabs.
* Added ability to paste an item on the Grid and Monthly views.
* Removed "Timeline" setting for the Grid view.
* Font size in the "Item Details" view is now taken from the view from which it was opened.
* Pressing "Select" on the "Font Selection" dialog brings the user back to the "Settings" page.
* "Ogranizer Address" and "Organizer Sent by" text inputs are now multilined.
* On the "Item's Details" view, attendees and organizers are now shown with their full names and not their e-mail addresses.
* Changing repeat interval for repeats is now possible.
* Fixed "missing action keys" on the "Repeat by Day" view.
* Text crossing for completed tasks is now drawn better and faster.
* Pressing any key while in the "New/Edit Item" form will start typing on the field that the user is standing on.
* The "Item's details" view now shows the number of appointments/tasks for the day you're currently standing on.
* When pressing "Right/Left" on the "Item's details" view, the view will update itself with the appointment/task you're currently on.
* Pressing "Enter" on the "Item's details" view when not on a phone number opens the item for editting.
* Updated the "Goto date" view to not show items on the calendar, and the preview pane is disabled by default (pressing "0" enables/disables it).
* Removed the menu from the "Goto date" and made the left soft-key into "Manual" date insertion.
* Fixed task deletion crash on the Daily view for some languages.
* Added hours option to Reminder (default is 0).
* "Goto Date" screen now has original "direct" date selection under "Options".
* Added global "Tasks date format" setting under "Tasks Settings" - date formatting for tasks will now encompass all of the views.
* Removed "Tasks date format" from the "Tasks View Settings".
For some resolutions on OS 9.x: Added an appointment counter to each day's title.
* Added meeting's organizer details to the item's details view.
* Added attendees' status details to the item's details view.
* Added attendees' status details to the "Attendees Selection" form.
* Added "Organizer Sent by" setting (i.e. Roy) under "General Settings".
* Added "Organizer Address" setting (i.e. roy@sbsh.net) under "General Settings.
* Added attendees color settings (for item's details view) in the "Color Settings".
* Categories with icons now have their icon shown next to them on the item's details view.
* For OS 9.x: Updated all views to have the status-pane (top-bar) like the native "thin" top-bar.
* For OS 9.x: Removed full screen option from the "General Settings".
* Updated "Insert Contact" dialog. It now loads much faster and without *strange* contacts.
* Removed option to select a detail from within a contact when inserting contact details into a meeting.
* Undated tasks can now have an alarm set for them.
* For OS 9.x: Fixed background issues with the settings for non-landscape resolutions.
* Updated "My Text" form code which fixed scrolling issues on that form.
* Updated all Monthly-type views (Monthly view, Date Selector etc..) with better drawing code for faster usage.
* Fixed bug that will not update dates for Alarms when using the "Date Selector".
* Fixed bug where multi day allday events running through the new year will run for one wrong extra day.
* Age of a contact (for imported birthdays or self-created birthdays) now shows correctly for future years.
* Fixed E90 memory leak.
* Fixed tasks view memory leak.
* Added better asynchronus event handling that solves some crashes when there are many items to handle.
* Fixed crash when setting a category for a task using the "7" shortcut on the Tasks view.
* Updated Chinese, Finnish, Polish and Japanese localizations.
* Added Danish localization.