Monday, December 17, 2007

Nokia PC Phone

Nokia Beta Labs has released a new application, Nokia PC Phone. Nokia PC Phone is an experimental service that gives you a possibility to use your mobile phone with your Web Browser. An interesting concept, the application lets users to access their contacts, phone log, image gallery, text messaging and more remotely. The only pre-requisite is Internet connectivity on both the PC and the mobile device. Users can even invite their friends to share pictures and blogs online.

You can communicate by using Nokia PC Phone with your friends and family even though they don't have the Nokia PC Phone themselves. Your friends are not able to tell the difference whether you are using the Nokia PC Phone or not, because your calls and text messages are actually made from your own Nokia phone.

Installation instructions
Please go through the Nokia PC Phone installation instructions step by step. It is very easy and fast.

The application works pretty responsive and fast, considering that our phone was tethered to an EDGE network. One interesting feature is camera, which sends a request to the phone to click a picture. When the user clicks one and hits send, the pic is sent to the browser front-end in real-time. During our tests, there was a lag of less than a minute between the time we clicked the picture and its appearance on the PC’s browser. Even browsing the phone’s gallery was quick and makes online sharing of media pretty simple. Now let’s see how Nokia will evolve this unique application into something big.