Wednesday, September 5, 2007

MessageTones Review

im92109210, my-symbian site supporter has nice review about Message Tones Application. This is a very small but quite useful application. What it manages to do is, create different ring tones for incoming messages depending on contacts, groups and profiles the users select.

This software does have a good important feature which is not available on board the system’s profile settings. It is easy to use. The tip feature at the start is annoying but thankfully it could be turned off, I just wish it was turned off from the beginning. Another observation is the about page was not developed with the E90 in mind.
The program is good and does not mess up. I tested this by trying to apply two different ring tones to a profile, a group and a contact and every one gave me an error popup claiming the user already has a tone set.

Experience: The program is very stable although at installation there was a few times where the installation failed, but that is probably just the connection between the phone and the PC Suite. The tips feature is annoying but can be turned off, easy to use and works well without it needing to be running. I found it useful, for example when I am driving and the phone is in a case or in a pocket with the tone I could somehow identify if it would be from work or friends, etc which could come in handy. This program runs right under 12$ which seems fine, but since they have the ability to access the profiles section, I wish the program could take it a step further with customized tones, reactions, vibration, etc in general not just for messages. The program was good, but I would rate it a 6/10 only, it still requires a good amount of developing and improving.

Update: To get this application to work the user is required to set MessageTones.wav as their primary message tone in profiles, which is irritating. Even more since the tips page has heaps of tips but does not mention this. (Thanks Kennyboy)

The program tested was a trial and not a full version although it was fully functional.
Read the complete Review and try the Application HERE