Friday, September 7, 2007

Krusell Dynamic Multidapt Case for Nokia E90

Of all Nokia designs, their flagship Communicator series has perhaps been the one which has consistently needed a really good means of protection and transportation. After all, you've just bought a device that costs more than a cheap laptop, it makes sense to spend a few quid extra making sure it stays safe and never gets left behind.

The Krusell Dynamic Multidapt Case is designed to perfectly fit these phones. With added functionality, these phones require an advanced case design that exceeds regular model specifications. These dynamic cases are Krusell's most sophisticated, state-of-the art models. Each case is precisely designed to match the particular functionality delivered by each phone. And with high-quality Nappa leather, the fashion-conscious user will appreciate the case's sleek, professional look.

Krusell Dynamic Multidapt Case Highlight:
* Made from high quality Nappa Leather
* Cutouts to access all of your phones functions while still in its protective case
* No need to take device out of case with precision molded case to perfectly fit your device
* Keep your Nokia E90 communicator fully protected
* Includes slide swivel clip

Buy Krussell Dynamic Multidapt Case for Nokia E90 HERE

If you don’t like Krussel design, Steve Litchfield from have a very good review about Nokia E90 cases on the market. As with his other case roundups, there's a pretty mottley selection here, from an eBay case costing £2 to a handmade case costing 20 times as much. But how do they fare in real world use? The Nokia E90 has a pretty challenging form factor for an 'always in' case, but that hasn't stopped a number of designers from trying, while others have opted for a simpler pouch or holster....

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