Thursday, July 12, 2007

Official Windows Live for S60 v3 Released

Finally official Windows Live is released! The official Windows Live Client v1.0.614 integrates Windows Live Hotmail, Live Contacts, Live Search, Live Spaces and Live Messenger on all of the Nokia S60 N-Series and E-Series (yes, that includes your E90 communicator). Now you can chat anywhere, anytime.

Tried this app and work properly with E90. The synchronization features are fantastic and much more than I would have expected from a Windows Live app for a Symbian device. unfortunately, it is eat bandwith too much for app like this. Make sure you have a "good" data plan :)

Some of its features:

- Synchronize Hotmail/MSN email and contacts with your mobile phone.
- Add a personal status message.
- Send and receive files images, sound clips and voice clips.
- Play voice clips sent by others.
- Phone vibration when someone sends a buzz/nudge.
- Sort contacts by online status/display name.

Download Microsoft Windows Live Client v1.0.614 to your PC here

Download the client directly to your mobile from and enter this key: 853651.

NOTE: Install dep.sisx before the other file.