Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do We Need Antivirus?

Nokia E90 Communicator is an expensive device to own. But once you get the phone and use it as mobile office, the data on it will be much more expensive than the E90 itself . You will cry louder when you lost your data than lost the phone. In the computer world, viruses are one of the main enemy for data security. Will it also happen in your communicator? So far, there are 3 S60.v3 antivirus from F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus, SimWorks Anti-Virus for S60 3rd Edition, and other solution from Trend Micro.

Which is the best? Do we really need an antivirus?

The answer is simple: No! None of them!

Don't be panicked by media hype about viruses targetting Symbian OS smartphones! Till now, there are no viruses for E90 (S60 3rd Edition), so why would one need an antivirus? Even in other edition of Symbian OS, no-one can pass a virus to your Symbian smartphone over Bluetooth or MMS without your knowledge.

The Symbian 'viruses' you read about aren't really in the wild, in the same way that Windows viruses are. Most Symbian malware has been created as 'concept' software and sent straight to an anti-virus vendor (who naturally make a pretty penny out of advising people that they need a-v utility software). Because it's realistically impossible for these apps to spread in most sensible societies, you simply will not come across them in the real world unless you happen to hang around with teenagers bent on trying all the latest trojan-infested 'warez'.

It's impossible for any piece of malicious software to make your smartphone unusable. Even if you allow a piece of 'malware' (i.e. a malicious program) onto your unit, it can't touch the OS and applications in ROM, which means you can always do a hard reset (typing in ‘*#7370#’ works with older Series 60 smartphones, 'Dial'+'*'+'3' while powering on for newer ones, procedures for UIQ and Series 80 units are in the manual) to get back to a working system.

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