Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why Nokia Change Communicator Interface to S60 v3?

In new E90 Communicator, Nokia decided to switch user interface from S80 to S60 (3rd edition). I just wonder, why they did it? Doesn't it make developer have to remake program with S80 UI specialized for E90? Some E90 user also say that S60v3 have litle compatibility problem with E60, especially for games. So, what is the real reason on this decision? S80 UI is so bad?

I asked it to my favorite forum, and got some good explanation:

"The S80 user interface is basically better suited for a widescreen than S60, which was mainly developed for one-handed use. But it is a huge effort to develop a platform, so Nokia apparently found it necessary to concentrate only on S40 and S60 development and thus abandon further development on S80 and S90 (Nokia 7710).

Also feedback from operators and developers probably forced this decision. Operators want as few content platforms (e.g. for multimedia) as possible and developers want as big installed base as possible for their applications".___ BentL

"It's not the UI itself, more about the backend. Cost of developing S80 to support new standards for hardware, security etc. Shame Nokia could not do it, but from what I can tell, if they had developed S80 all the S80 apps would have had to have a major rewrite anyway. So you would have started out with zero 3rd party apps. It was probably too late for an S80 rewrite at this stage. At least this way, you get access to the current S60 library.

Though I do wish they could have carried more of the S80 power features across somehow. You get the constantly dumming down feeling from what I have read (don't actually have the E90 yet).

My main gripe is that S60 does not seam to have range/power apps that you can get for the Windows Mobile Platform or the Palm Platform. Hope that changes with more powerfull devices like the E90. Looks like it will be selling really well, so that should encourage development..." ___ Zuber

Based on this comments, I think the real reason is not because S60 v3 better, but because it's cheaper, easier, and more practice to have less UI interface. So what do you think? Nokia give worse UI on E90????