Thursday, June 21, 2007

Basic Tips for E90

For lucky people whose got the phone earlier, here some basic tips to explor your new toy:

The world in your display
The news ticker (network service) displays the news on your Active Standby. Select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Standby mode > News ticker to activate the service.

How long did we talk?
To set the device to display the duration of a call during the call, select Show call duration > Yes.

Hear your messages
The message reader reads your received messages aloud. To play a message, press and hold the left selection key when you receive a text message. To start reading a message in Inbox or mailbox, select Options > Play.

What's that in kilograms?
To perform conversions between currencies and units, select Menu > Office > Converter. To be able to convert currencies, you’ll have to fill in the present rates.

Barcode reader
Use the Barcode application to scan and decode different types of codes, such as barcodes and codes in magazines. Select Menu > Tools > Barcode, aim the camera to the code and select Scan code.

Voice mail shortcut
To call your voice mailbox (network service), press and hold 1 or select Menu > Tools > Call mailbox. When you open the Voice mail application for the first time, you are asked to enter the number of your voice mailbox.

Shortcut to Dialled numbers
To open Dialled numbers in the standby modes, press the call key.

Shortcuts for Maps
To zoom in or out on the map, press * or #. To switch between the 2-D and 3-D views, press 0.

Image viewer shortcuts
When viewing an image, pres the Call key send the image, 0 to zoom out and 5 to zoom in. Pressing 3 will rotate the image clockwise.

Tidy up your e-mail inbox
You can create folders to organize your messages. Select My folders > Options > New folder in the Messaging application. To rename a folder, select Options > Rename folder.

Top eight numbers
Speed dialing allows you to make a call by pressing and holding a number key in the standby mode. To assign a number key to a phone number, select Menu > Tools > Speed dial.

Invite them all
You can send a calendar entry to a compatible device by selecting Options > Send > Via text message, Via multimedia, Via e-mail, Via Bluetooth, or Via infrared in the Calendar application.

What time is it in Tokyo?To open the world clock view, select Clock, and scroll right to the third tab. In the world clock view, you can view the time in different cities. To add cities to the list, select Options > Add city. You can add a maximum of 15 cities to the list.

Put a team together
Reach the whole team at once with Nokia Team Suite at Menu > Office > Team suite. Create a new team in Options > Team > Create new.

Active notes for active life
You can insert images, videos, and sound in your active notes. You can link notes to other applications, such as Contacts, and send notes to others. Select Menu > Office > Active notes.

Using push to talk
Push to talk (PTT) is a network service that allows you to communicate to a group of people on a push of a button, walkie-talkie style, over a GSM/GPRS network. To activate PTT, select Menu > Connectivity > PTT. Before you can use push to talk, you must define access point and settings.