Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nokia E90 Clone!

Can't afford Nokia E90 price? maybe you should try this gadget :P

It's no more secret that Chinese like to clone every and each handset. A while ago great cloners tried their cloning force at faking Nokia E90 Communicator.

It must be admitted that the clone looks pretty decent, especially outside where it almost fully resembles the original device. However, as we move inside, things start to be different. Totally different keyboard, smaller screen, big stereo speakers speak loudly that the cloned device is very far from the original.

The cloned device is equipped with a 1.3 MP camera, had quad-band radio with EDGE and microSD expansion slot.

The pre-installed software has some office document support and more interestingly has Nintendo emulator. Well, I think inclusion of the later was pretty wise since once you open the device, it does look like a gaming device, pretty close to Nintendo DS + QWERTY keyboard.

It must be admitted that the real device is nicer than it looks on the photos. The price of the device is about US $300. So, it makes a pretty good alternative for wanna-be E90 owners.