Saturday, December 29, 2007

QuickWrite Review

Faster and Smarter Text Entry! With QuickWrite you can reduce the typing time several times and increase the writing accuracy on your S60 phone. The program predicts the word you are typing, using a predefined spelling dictionary. QuickWrite will provide writing assistance in almost any application on your phone whenever you start typing - just a few compatible programs are messaging, web browsing, calendar, phone book, notes and many other.
QuickWrite Features

* Word suggestions are sorted by frequently of use to speed up your text entry - QuickWrite suggests the words that you use most first;
* Fast performance and low usage of phone resources;
* Multilanguage support;
* Ability to customize the spelling dictionaries- add and delete words;
* Highest level of word suggestion list customization

Spelling Dictionaries in 6 Languages

QuickWrite for S60 comes with spelling dictionaries in most used European languages:

* QuickWrite (English)
* QuickWrite (French)
* QuickWrite (Italian)
* QuickWrite (Spanish)
* QuickWrite (German)
* QuickWrite (Dutch)

QuickWrite 2.50 Out Now

* Querty keyboard support
* Optimized for the full Nokia Eseries and Nseries phones range, including Nokia E90 and Nokia E61

Fritz99, my-symbian forum member has a great review about Quickreview. It is worth to read since he use Nokia E90 as device.