Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WidSets - A Window to The Web in Your Mobile

I just found another Nokia E90 blog, and read a good articel about Widset. This is worth to read for every Nokia E90 owners.

"When I first heard about WidSets, I must admit I could not understand what it was. From a short description that I read, I understood that WidSets was an application that would deliver web content to a Java-enabled mobile phone.

Sounds pretty nice but not too exciting. However, within a minute after I had installed the WidSets client on my Nokia E90, I felt why it was difficult to understand what WidSets was about. Simply, you cannot imagine an existance of such an innovative and powerful application for a mobile phone.

Again, it is quite difficult to see the full potential of WidSets until you actually use the application. To put simply, WidSets gives you access to many web communities, web applications and a lot of content and all this is delivered right on your mobile phone. Email, RSS, different games, Twitter, weather forecasts, currency exchange and stock tickers and many other applications exist as Widgets for WidSets. While you may have some of that functionality in stand alone applications (e.g. email client, RSS reader) on high end smartphones, unique thing about WidSets is that you access all these functions in a single application.

The WidSets client application does not do much itself. It hosts different Widgets, which deliver almost inexhaustible functionality. Installing new Widgets is a breeze. In 10 seconds I updated my status on Twitter, checked local weather, read news headlines, checked e-mail and played Sudoku.

Experience on E90's large internal screen was absolutely fantastic. However, as long as the application is developed in Java, it works with a wide range of devices.

Now it's time to stop reading this post and get to action. Download WidSets client and get ready for the rock n' roll."