Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Different wallpapers on Internal and External Screen

After some testing, AVR4000 my-symbian forums member has found a way to use different wallpapers on the internal and external screen of the E90. This tip requires Best Profiles but it works perfect. I have noticed that if you set a wallpaper for the offline profile in BP it stays on the internal screen after switch to another profile while the outer screen shows the wallpaper set for that profile.

The steps is as follows:

1. Install Best Profiles 1.01.
2. Start the program, select the offline profile.
3. Select advanced settings.
4. Select a picture as wallpaper for this profile.
5. After these steps, select another profile and repeat steps 3-4.
6. When this is done, select "activate Best Profiles" if this isn't done.
7. Select the offine profile in BP.
8. Select another profile in BP.

voila: you have now the picture from the offline profile on the inner screen and the picture from the active profile on the outer screen.

This procedure with switching to the offline and then to another profile must be done every time the user switch to another theme. Otherwise the same wallpaper will be used on both screens.