Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Removing Nokia E90 Themes

Many people have experienced a bug where they will install a theme on their device but when they try to remove it using the Application Manager there is no entry for it. I still see this problem on the latest S60 3rd firmware and on newer firmware for other devices as well. Don't despair though, as long as you install your themes to your memory card there is an easy way to remove those unwanted themes.

1. Connect your device to your PC in 'Mass storage' mode - or insert your MicroSD card into a card reader and connect it to your PC.

2. Once your PC recognizes your card a new drive will appear under 'My Computer'. Open it, and browse to private10207114import.

3. Browse through each of the folders in this directory to find the theme you would like to remove. The MBM, MIF, and SKN files in each folder should each be named after the theme - so if you want to remove a theme called "MyTheme", look for "MyTheme.mbm" etc.

*Note that you may see some MBM/MIF/SKN files named simply "themepackage.mbm" etc. In this case, simply open the SKN file in Notepad and you will see the actual theme name in the first few lines of text. Here is an example:

In the example you can see that the actual name of the theme is N80 Simplified v2 (created by teddymustupo).

4. Once you've found the folder containing the theme files you'd like to remove, simply delete the contents of the folder (don't delete the folder itself).

Now put your card back in your phone you'll notice that the theme is no longer listed under themes and you've freed up some space on your memory card.

Source: s603rdapps