Monday, October 1, 2007

Mobile Charger Options for Nokia E90

No matter how good batteries have gotten, sometime you still can’t manage to get an entire day out of your phone. While I can always plug in my phone, finding a place to actually charge it isn’t always as easy. Up till now the only option were the car charger, a second battery or a Mobile Device Charger. Nokia has just announced the Power Pack DC-1. The Nokia Power Pack DC-1 has reserve power for of up to three batteries recharges. The DC-1 is compatible with the Nokia 2mm charging interfaces and comes with two charge output cables so you can easily charge two devices at the same time. The DC-1 is a bit costly coming in at around 105 euros or 142 dollars.

Beside DC-1, Nokia has again released another option, the “Nokia Extra Power DC-8”. This is a much more compact solution compared the previous one, but uses standard AA batteries. You would actually put the battery (or batteries, not sure how much it actually takes) into the device and use it to charge your phone and uses the standard 2mm charger pin. Now I’m still left with one question : How many charges can you get out of a standard AA battery? Personally, I don’t like anything that deals with AA or AAA batteries as I think it’s wasteful and inconvenient, but some argue that these are readily available and can be bought anywhere. Oh well, it’s always good to have more options as I always say. No word yet on pricing and availability. More info can be found here.

For another option, you can try Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger for a cheaper alternative