Thursday, September 13, 2007

SmartPad: Stick Nokia E90 to Your Dash

If you like to use Nokia E90 as GPS device in your car, but want keep your dashboard clean from any hole or glue, this product maybe suit for you. You can secure your cellphone to your dash with the SmartPad. SmartPad use the magic of modern technology to keep your cell phone and other items that slide around in the car secured to your dashboard within easy reach! Amazing SmartPad works on horizontal, vertical, and slanted surfaces; won't scratch or leave a residue. No glue necessary! Amazing silicone/rubber material is reusable; when items stop sticking, simply wash SmartPad thoroughly with water to restore it. Heat resistant to 392° F (200° C); cold resistant to -45° F (-50° C).

Technical Details:
* Anchors cell phone, sunglasses, and other items within reach
* No glue necessary; won't scratch your dash or leave sticky residue
* Works on horizontal, vertical, or slanted surfaces
* Not just for the car -- use it on your refrigerator, bathroom wall, or computer!
* It's reusable -- simply wash thoroughly in cold water to restore sticking properties

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